Anne's House of Dreams (Anne of Green Gables, Book 5)

Anne's House of Dreams (Anne of Green Gables, Book 5)

Lucy Maud Montgomery, Kate Macdonald Butler

Language: English

Pages: 170

ISBN: 2:00259847

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Every girl dreams of her perfect wedding day...

For Anne Shirley, those dreams are about to come true as she marries her one true love, Gilbert Blythe, in the dappled sunshine of the old orchard at Green Gables. Soon the two will be moving to their own little dream house on the misty shores of Four Winds Harbor. And a new home means new neighbors—including the adventurous lighthouse keeper Captain Jim and the tragically beautiful Leslie Moore. In their first years together, Anne and Gil will experience both heartbreak and joy, and, of course, plenty of "scope for the imagination."

With Anne's beautiful gift of transforming the everyday into the extraordinary, it's easy to see why she's become a beloved classic of generations of readers around the world and a favorite of everyone from Mark Twain to Duchess Kate.

This new edition lovingly restores the original, unabridged text and includes an all-new, exclusive introduction with special memories from L.M. Montgomery's granddaughter.

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only a child and time is real kind to children, Anne, dearie. After a while she began to laugh again—she had the prettiest laugh. You don’t often hear it now.” “I heard it once the other night,” said Anne. “It is a beautiful laugh.” “Frank West began to go down after Kenneth’s death. He wasn’t strong and it was a shock to him, because he was real fond of the child, though, as I’ve said, Leslie was his favorite. He got mopey and melancholy, and couldn’t or wouldn’t work. And one day, when Leslie

discovered they were determined he shouldn’t be forgotten,” retorted Miss Cornelia triumphantly. “Anyhow, the virtue doesn’t go with the name. There never was such an impatient man born as old Job Taylor over harbor.” “Well, you know, he had a good deal to try him, Cornelia. Even you can’t defend his wife. I always remember what old William MacAllister said of her at her funeral, ‘There’s nae doot she was a Chreestian wumman, but she had the de’il’s own temper.’” “I suppose she was trying,”

why I can’t get closer to her,” Anne said one evening to Captain Jim. “I like her so much—I admire her so much—I want to take her right into my heart and creep right into hers. But I can never cross the barrier.” “You’ve been too happy all your life, Mistress Blythe,” said Captain Jim thoughtfully. “I reckon that’s why you and Leslie can’t get real close together in your souls. The barrier between you is her experience of sorrow and trouble. She ain’t responsible for it and you ain’t; but it’s

the garden. Had anything happened at Green Gables? But Anne, sitting on the rustic seat by the brook, did not look troubled, though she was certainly much excited. Her eyes were their grayest, and scarlet spots burned on her cheeks. “What has happened, Anne?” Anne gave a queer little laugh. “I think you’ll hardly believe it when I tell you, Gilbert. I can’t believe it yet. As Susan said the other day, ‘I feel like a fly coming to life in the sun—dazed-like.’ It’s all so incredible. I’ve read

for speech-making at the various country rallies. Miss Cornelia did not approve of his mixing up in politics and told Anne so. “Dr. Dave never did it. Dr. Blythe will find he is making a mistake, believe me. Politics is something no decent man should meddle with.” “Is the government of the country to be left solely to the rogues then?” asked Anne. “Yes—so long as it’s Conservative rogues,” said Miss Cornelia, marching off with the honors of war. “Men and politicians are all tarred with the

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