Becoming Chinese American: A History of Communities and Institutions (Critical Perspectives on Asian Pacific Americans)

Becoming Chinese American: A History of Communities and Institutions (Critical Perspectives on Asian Pacific Americans)

Language: English

Pages: 418

ISBN: 0759104581

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Collection of essays by Chinese-American scholar Him Mark Lai; published in association with the Chinese Historical Society of San Francisco.

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Kuomintang during the period before World War II included the elder Dr. Wong Him and Jun You Jew.91 During the early decades of the Republic, when the Kuomintang was striving to unify China under its rule, the party often appealed to Chinese abroad for support. Some youths were particularly attracted by the party’s call to participate in the National Salvation Through Aviation Movement. Chen Yousheng (Yau Shing Chan) of Nanshan, who came to the United States around 1913, learned aviation at the

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purchase American citizenship for (US)$3,000. Terms: $500 down, balance after arrival in the U.S., and 4. Thousands of dollars in American pensions have been collected annually by persons not entitled to them. The report went into a short history of Chinese immigration and described the fraudulent practices uncovered by the investigation “in order that steps may be taken to destroy that system for once and for all, thus bringing an end to a unique history of illegal immigration . . . before

[Yeungkong] Yen Hoy Association Yeong Wo Association Yeong Wo School Young, John Young, Soong Quong Yue contributions to Chinese culture integration as part of Han Chinese modern descendants Zhongshan [Chungshan] About the Author Him Mark Lai has researched and written on Chinese American history and has been a member of the Chinese Historical Society of America and the Chinese Culture Foundation since the 1960s. He co-taught the first college level Chinese American history course in

northern Vietnam. In ancient China the land south of the Nanling Mountains, often referred to as Lingnan (south of the mountain range) today, was divided into a number of independent states established by Yue tribesmen. During the third century B.C., the first emperor of the state of Qin united north and central China and also annexed Lingnan to the Qin empire. The land south of the mountain ranges was administered as three prefectures. Central and eastern Guangdong became Nanhai Prefecture,

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