Big Little Book Of Playboy's Party Jokes

Big Little Book Of Playboy's Party Jokes

Editors of Playboy Magazine

Language: English

Pages: 408

ISBN: 2:00266428

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Culled from more than fifty years of joketelling,
Big Little Book of Playboy Party Jokes
is a collection of the most uproarious shaggy
dogs, one-liners, ditties, and zingers ever
to appear in the pages of Playboy magazine


A Sample:

Monty Python Speaks

Doctor at Large (Doctor Series, Book 3)

The Well of Lost Plots (Thursday Next Series)

Elrod McBugle on the Loose














royal bridal chamber, he d emand ed a full accou nt of the wedding night' progros. " It is hard to t ell ,~ said the king\ spy th e next morning. "When L11e prince entered the chamber, J hea rd the princes ay, quite fo rmal! , ' I offer }OU my honor.' The n L11c prince ')aid, with equal courtlin es , ' Madame, I honor your o ffer.' And that i-. the way it wen t all night long-honor; offer, ho nor, o fTcr." 56 D Big Little Book o[ PLATBO'f Party j okes Carter had been back from his

doctor. "' Did you ever ee an 'thing like this before, doctor ?" tl1e girl asked in embarras ment when tl1e I. D. arri,·ed. " Well, yes," the doctor replied truthfully, "but I believe this i tl1e first time I've ever een o ne framed."" The doctor had jus t finished giving tl1e young man a tl10mugh physical examination. "The be t thing for you to do,'" the 1.D. aid, " is give up drinking and smoking, get to bed early, and tay away [rom women." " Doc, I don't deserve the be t," said the patienL

condition ?- h" 142 D 01~ uttk /Joolr of PUDOY ParlJ J nlcn An anal ~twa~ li~tening to a oung patient with a problc:m of COmt.XJUCOCe. '' It\ liquor. doctor;• \he: )>Obbcd wf'm rail a \'l'l") nice girl. but just a5 soon as I've had a drink o r two, I bt-come un ont m llabl pa\\ionatc and I wane w m ke lov 1<1 "'home'\~ I happen co he wiLh ." " I see, " the anal l said choughlfully. " \\'dl. up~ I jtul mix u~ up a cou pl e of Old·Fashio nec6 here and then t Oll and I 11 \il d0\\11, nice and

prophet. Then tJ,.,~ ,.-..; th" night au.,ndant who turned to prostitution but couldn' t break tl1" habi t of gre<:ting her cmtomen with " Wdcom" aboa rd ~ On a sou thbound tr.Un a f"' montlt> after Lhe Civil War, a young bdle uddenl mo \.,cJ from her ..:at no t to a businessman and ,;at boide a Coni.,derate \deran "ho ,...._, un hi-1 way home from tJ,., front lines. -n1a t CU]>"tbagger offered me ten dol!an; to spend th" night -.ith him,~ tl1e off~d.,d girl indignant!} told tl1e oldier. The

"lAs! w~-ek she wanled live huml~d dollars. n,~ day 'o~ )'es1erday she asked me for a hund~d and li I~·· onm~~ dollars. TI1is moming she wanled lhn'f." hundred and lifi " 'Y· "TI1a1 •s cr.Jl}'." we sal'd · "\VI1a1 dOCs she do wi1h il all?" " I don'! know," said our f1icnd. "lne-.•er ..;,.., her a o· ny. • h. Then.· are mm-e imponanl 1hin1,rs than money, lmllh«:y won'! dale you if you don'! ha\'e any. A man who says he'll go lhrough anything for a "'Oman usually has her bank accounl in mind. S

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