Harry Truman: The Man Who Divided The World

Harry Truman: The Man Who Divided The World

Jack Steinberg

Language: English

Pages: 73

ISBN: 1530978335

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Truman was the epitome of the American dream. Born and raised by poor, struggling farmers in America's heartland, he had become President through his integrity, a little bit of luck, and sheer hard work. He became the leader of the United States at the tail end of the world's deadliest conflict. Thrust into the middle of a world of conflicting ideologies, Truman would be faced with the newest threat to international stability: a ravenous Soviet Union ready to devour the world with its communist philosophies. As the nation's leader, it fell to him to decide the path which the United States would take into the future. A dedicated public servant and a lover of the freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution, Truman realized it was not only his duty but his responsibility to safeguard the free world. By pledging to protect the people of the world from totalitarian rule, Truman unintentionally triggered the Cold War. With his pledge, this often overlooked President forever reshaped American foreign policy, dividing the world into East and West for over forty years.

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is the hallmark of Truman’s presidency. The crisis in Korea was the first large scale incident that the United Nations would have a hand in. As the Communist forces of North Korea invaded the South, Harry Truman made his fears known to the assembled nations. To the United States and Harry Truman, the invasion of South Korea by the North was similar to Adolf Hitler’s annexations of Czechoslovakia and Austria before World War II. He could not stand by and let it happen again, nor could the United

would never represent a threat again. It was this approach to national security that led to the development of the policy of massive retaliation. The concept was fairly straightforward. If the Soviet Union launched a nuclear missile at an American city, the United States would retaliate with all means available, including an arsenal of nuclear weapons. The idea behind the policy was to make the fear of retaliation so devastating that the Soviet Union would never take that fateful step. The

spending, NATO, and the Warsaw Pact, trying to gain the upper hand while at the same time trying to defend themselves. Truman’s speech to Congress asking for aid to Turkey and Greece had caused it all. It had placed the United States on a purposeful collision course with the Soviet Union. The United States had broken its isolationism to safeguard the free world from the spread of totalitarianism. History remembers the Mutually Assured Destruction policy of Eisenhower, or the struggles faced by

as 30 or 35 kilometers in a night,” Harry had recorded in a letter home. In a war where success was measured in yards, it involved a lot of movement behind the scenes as the armies tried to mass their units for a decisive push in one location. Much of this marching was a case of hurry up and wait, as decisions were made higher up about where to push. Eventually, their marches brought them closer to the conflict, until suddenly they were in it. The whole front to our north broke out in flame,

desolation of No Man’s Land, possibly seeing craters in the ground that his Battery had created. The fight took a physical and emotional toll on him and his men, and it would be something that he would remember for the remainder of his life. The battle of the Argonnes Forest would be one of the last major Allied offensives of the world, and would last from September 26th until the Armistice went into effect on November 11th. In the forty-seven days that the battle raged, Truman’s Battery D

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