Hollywood 1900-1950 in Vintage Postcards (CA) (Postcard History Series)

Hollywood 1900-1950 in Vintage Postcards (CA) (Postcard History Series)

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 073852073X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With the advent of new, inexpensive photographic technology emerging in the United States during the mid-19th century, communication by postcard became a very popular way to exchange travel stories, news, and gossip over the decades. Drawing on a private collection of vintage postcards, this new book features a history of Hollywood, spanning half a century. Exploring Hollywood before and after it became the entertainment capital of the world, these images offer readers a glimpse of some of the city's most interesting places during its Golden Years. Long before motion pictures arrived, when the area was a residential neighborhood of beautiful homes and lemon groves, Hollywood was just another suburb of Los Angeles striving to become a community. From the familiar sights of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and the Chinese Theater, to the horse-and-buggy driven dirt roads and pineapple fields at the turn of the century, Hollywood in Vintage Postcards will guide the curious through the city's progress in the first half of the 20th century.

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the pig playing a whistle, was renovated in 2000. Restoration of the ceiling friezes was the next priority. A high ceiling with beams was finally cleaned up to former glory. After finding the original tile that was used in the restaurant’s interior, which was found in the basement, the restaurant’s walls were completed. The west wall has an enormous wooden cabinet display that faces a huge bar and the windows from the Hollywood Boulevard entrance allow natural light inside. The Pig n’ Whistle

villas, a bar, restaurant, and eight guest rooms were constructed to complete the grounds for the 1927 opening. It wasn’t long before Hollywood unpacked and filled the compound. After WWII, the Garden of Allah began to lose favor in the Hollywood community. In August of 1959, the last party took place at the hotel and it was sold off to bankers. (No publisher given) HOLLYWOOD ATHLETIC CLUB. The Hollywood Athletic Club was opened in 1924 at the northwest corner of 6525 Sunset Boulevard and

Palace was completed in the Hollywood Hills. It was reminiscent of the mansions of the lordly Japanese rulers and covered seven acres. Adolph sold the home in 1923 when his brother died, and it has operated as Yamashiro’s Restaurant for decades. This continues to be a major tourist attraction because of the panoramic view of Hollywood and Los Angeles. (Published by S.G.) A.G. SCHLOESSER. During World War I, A.G. Schloesser changed his name to A.G. Castles, because of the anti-German sentiment.

GAYNOR AT HOME. Janet Gaynor was the first actress to win a Best Actress Academy Award. She won for several films: Seventh Heaven, Street Angel, and Sunrise made in 1927-28. She began her career at the Hal Roach Studios and made her official debut in The Johnstown Flood in 1926 for Fox Studios. (Published by Western Publishing & Novelty Co.) ANTONIO MORENO. In 1923, Charles Canfield built this home for his daughter Daisy and silent screen star Antonio Moreno, as a wedding gift. Robert D.

Hollywood. Metro was also the largest lot in Hollywood, covering five square blocks. Rudolph Valentino became famous after making The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse here in 1921. This card shows the two “baby colonial” administration buildings on Romaine in early 1921. (Published by M. Kashower Co.) ROBERT BRUNTON STUDIOS. Robert Brunton began his film career with Thomas Ince as a general art director. In 1917, the Paralta Company was formed and moved to California. Brunton became Paralta’s

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