Missions of San Diego (Images of America)

Missions of San Diego (Images of America)

Robert A. Bellezza

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Pages: 128

ISBN: 0738596833

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Californias first settlement began on a trail called El Camino Real, or The Royal Road, that was traveled by missionary pathfinders, soldiers, and conquistadors on a dramatic journey into a mysterious land. Monterey was discovered in 1603, leading to the quest. Explorers Don Gaspar de Portolá and Juan Bautista de Anza, along with ambitious Franciscan missionaries, founded 21 monumental Spanish missions and several asistencias and chapels for native neophytes, travelers, and visitors to Alta California. Following the initial landing in 1769 at San Diegos seaport, Fr. Junípero Serra founded Mission San Diego de Alcalá, Californias first landmark, at the original presidio site. The mission stands today exactly where it was moved, rebuilt, and completed in 1813. The native populations of California witnessed years of change from a sleepy province to the status of US statehood. The Spanish missions forged the powerful underpinnings of the Golden States earliest settlements 80 years prior to the worlds largest migration to California, the 1849 Gold Rush.

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to inhabit Mission San Luis Rey de Francia as the first residents in 46 years since the death of Fray Jose Maria Zalvidea. New quarters would be set up for restoration work to begin. (Southwest Museum of the American Indian Collection.) Fr. Joseph Jeremiah O’Keefe was stationed at Mission Santa Barbara nearly 25 years, spending 19 years rebuilding Mission San Luis Rey de Francia. He found that the church dome had collapsed and covered the floor with three feet of debris; raising nearly $50,000,

Camino Real, or “The Royal Way,” an ancient path blazed by missionaries honoring Carlos I, king of Spain until 1556. Originally, the path reached thousands of miles into the Guatemalan and Mexican jungles, and El Camino Real would now connect Mexico City to Monterey.   Portolá sent search parties out from his campsite near Monterey to discover the features of the coastline, but they were unable to identify Monterey’s great harbor. The search ventured into bitterly cold, snowy weather as they

to life the legendary buildings and iconic designs greatly appealed to the public interest. A nearby school created its own project to help the restoration. (Author’s collection.) The Pauma chapel was established on companion lands neighboring the Pala reservation. San Diego had the most distinct native tribal groups and languages in all the territories of Alta California. Many regional San Diego tribes were moved or decimated through legal actions, but remained cherished icons of past

charting many important harbors and presidio sites. In a stroke of ill fate, he unexpectedly died from a broken arm. He was buried on San Miguel Island in the Santa Barbara Channel. Fr. Junípero Serra and the first settlement arrived over two centuries later in 1769. The Cabrillo National Monument is located in San Diego at land’s end off Catalina Boulevard on Point Loma. The silhouetted sculpture represents Cabrillo’s caravel-style ship, the San Salvador. (Author’s collection.) 15 This

Ulloa sailed the entire coast of the Vermillion Sea, or Sea of Cortez, to determine that Baja California was a peninsula and that the fabled northern passage, the Straits of Anián, did not exist. (Southwest Museum of the American Indian Collection.) 16 A turn-of-the-century photograph from a lantern slide by the Beseler Company shows the mission prior to the Landmarks Club’s restoration of 1899. Sadly neglected, Mission San Diego de Alcalá presented an important precedent for preserving the

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