The Final Days

The Final Days

Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein

Language: English

Pages: 480

ISBN: 0743274067

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Final Days is the classic, behind-the-scenes account of Richard Nixon’s dramatic last months as president. Moment by moment, Bernstein and Woodward portray the taut, post-Watergate White House as Nixon, his family, his staff, and many members of Congress strained desperately to prevent his inevitable resignation. This brilliant book reveals the ordeal of Nixon’s fall from office—one of the gravest crises in presidential history.

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it flatly contradicted the assertions of the defense. When he finished reading, Wiggins turned back to the first page. He took five minutes to reread the transcript, and then he set it down. “What are you going to do?” “This tape is in Sirica’s possession and we’ll give a copy to the House committee on Monday,” said St. Clair. He said it was his “professional responsibility” to make it available before the committee submitted its report to the House. When had Haig and St. Clair learned of this

lined sheets of yellow paper from which the President had just read. Ziegler was pushing. “After a full ten months of a thorough investigation by the Justice Department and putting trust in the people around you, that this was being handled while you were in the process of everything else that happened in 1972. Goddammit, in March, when this started coming to you, you can tell by your reactions that you were saying, ‘What in the hell is this going on?’ And—” The President interrupted him. “I

TV cameras and took protective steps. “If the transcripts are as Nixon says, I will vote for impeachment on Article One. I don’t approve of leaders who mislead.” Wiggins then went before the cameras with a prepared statement. His eyes were damp and the confident punch was absent from his voice. His torment was visible and moving, and his directness gave dignity to the moment of humiliation. “I have reached the painful conclusion that the President of the United States should resign,” Wiggins

332 Ford, Betty, 174, 399–401 Ford, Steve, 400 France, 237 Frey, Louis, Jr., 315fn. Gandhi, Indira, 189 Gandhi, Mohandas K., 434, 450 Gannon, Frank, 135–36, 266, 341–42, 372, 433, 440 Garment, Grace, 450 Garment, Leonard, 21–23, 38, 93–98, 351, 378, 417, 440, 454 advises RN to resign, 22–23, 27–30, 111, 115–16, 275 difficulties with client RN, 24–27, 38, 77, 94–97, 318, 332 RN’s May 22nd statement, 37–41 tapes and transcripts, 58, 59, 65, 73, 94–98, 139, 145–46 defense strategy,

Sawyer were dismayed at the sloppy presentation. Lines spoken by the President were mistakenly divided and attributed in part to Ehrlichman. The same expletives were sometimes left in, sometimes deleted. Harmless characterizations were eliminated and damaging ones retained. Certain passages referred back to matters that had been excised. Such references stuck out like sore thumbs; they could not fail to convey the impression that the really damaging parts had been eliminated. As Sawyer and Gannon

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